Product Review: Love Bug Treats


I’m usually the person that’s trying to stay away from bugs, and never in a million years thought I’d be excited about mealworms. But excited I am, because my chickens wig out when they hear me shake my container of Love Bug Treats by Fowl Play Products, and I don’t have to chase them to get them back in their coop. Love Bug Treats feature 100% dried mealworms with no preservatives.

Until recently, I didn’t even know you could train a chicken. It only took a few days of shaking the container before giving them Love Bug Treats until they began associating the shaking noise with the treat. Now, when they are out free ranging, and I want them to come in

before they are ready, I give the container a shake and they come running. I sprinkle some mealworms in the run, they go in, and everyone’s happy. Mealworms are one of the best treats for chickens due to their high protein level, which keeps the birds healthy and the eggshells strong. I like the container they come in not only because of the sound you get when you shake it, but also because it’s rodent resistant, unlike the bags that most other treats come in.


Love Bug Treats sell for $5.25 plus shipping for a 2.5 oz. container, but you can save by buying 3 or more on the Fowl Play Products website. Will they be included in the January Henny & Roo box, you ask? Well, that would ruin the surprise. You’ll have to subscribe to find out!

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