January Box Contents

Our January boxes shipped last week, two days ahead of schedule on Saturday, January 2. We were a little nervous, I mean, we knew a subscription box for backyard chicken keepers was a great idea, but you never really know how a new product will be received. What if people hated it? Even worse, what if their chickens hated it?

January boxes

When Monday rolled around, we had our answer. By mid-day, we were seeing lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram praising the box! Owners and chickens alike loved the box, and our inbox was full of new subscribers. We’re so thrilled with the response, especially from our customer Danielle’s girls:


So, what were these girls so excited about? Here’s what our customers found in their first box:

Jan box

We are finalizing our product selections for our February boxes, and those ship the first week of February. Our box contents are always a surprise, so we can’t tell you what’s inside, but we may throw a sneak peek out there later this month. But don’t wait to subscribe, the January box sold out and we expect the February one will too. Visit hennyandroo.com to order, and use coupon code: FEBBOX to save 10%.

Thanks to our founding subscribers who took a chance on us not knowing exactly what to expect. We hope you and your flock enjoyed each and every product!

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