A peek into our February box

Our February box is filled with items your chickens will love! And if you’ve got chicks coming, you’ll love what we selected for you. These are just two of the EIGHT items you’ll find in your February box:

8 oz. pack of Chubby Mealworms

The Chicken Fountain’s Brooder Bottle Cap
turns a regular water bottle into a safe chick waterer

What are the other six items, you ask? Well, we can’t tell you the exact items, but the February box will include:

  • 2 items for your chicken emergency kit
  • a poultry-themed magazine
  • a coop maintenance product
  • 2 cute and useful chicken-themed gifts for you

That’s eight items that will make you and your chickens smile (if they could)!

We only have 13 February boxes left, so subscribe today using coupon code: FEBBOX to save 10%. Your coupon applies to all of the boxes in your subscription until your renewal date. More months = more savings!

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