May Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek 1

Here’s your May Sneak Peek!

In honor of Mother’s Day, this one’s for the chicken mommas!

In addition to SEVEN other items in your May Henny & Roo box, you’ll receive a full-size bar of Le Bon Temps Poulet Egg Soap for Skin and Hair from Sweet Olive Soap Works​, a specialty shop in New Orleans.

Owner Emily makes this soap from scratch with eggs from her own hens! They have free range of the neighborhood by day, and at night they are literally rocked to sleep by music coming from world famous Maple Leaf Bar down the street. They have met several rock stars including Paul McCartney, which was a really special treat because their favorite song is Blackbird by the Beatles and he was kind enough to sing them a few bars. Maybe that’s why the soap is called Le Bon Temps Poulet , which is Cajun for “Good Times Chicken”.

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