A Peek Inside our November Box

Can you believe we are talking about November already? Summer slipped right into fall without me noticing. And now we’re about to slip into the holiday season! img_2143

You’ll be all set for holiday parties with your hen wine charm! Your guests will not mistake your wine for theirs with this charm, handmade and assembled by A Piece of the Farm. It can also be removed from the ring and worn as a necklace pendant.

One of the products we’ve selected for your chickens is Fossil Flour by Seehafer Shores Mini Farm. This food-grade diatomaceous earth product can be applied directly under your chickens wings if they are fighting a parasite infection, or added to their dust bath for prevention. Colder weather means closer quarters for your birds, and preventing an infestation before it happens, or treating it quickly, makes for healthier birds.

The items in this box top $50, making it a great gift at a nice value. Use code INSTA10 at checkout to save 10%!

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