Monthly subscription boxes continue to rise in popularity as growing amounts of people enjoy receiving a box of products that fill a recurring need or introduce new brands. Pet owners are no different, and why should dog and cat owners have all the fun? Here are some great monthly boxes for owners of less common pets.


1. Henny & Roo
Backyard chicken keeping is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the US, and while some raise chickens for meat, most raise them for eggs and consider them pets. Each month, Henny & Roo delivers products to help keep flocks happy and healthy, including chicken treats, first aid and coop maintenance items. Then, they include a couple of useful, chicken-themed products for the chicken keeper, like eggwhite body products, books and magazines, and chicken-print socks. Monthly boxes are $29.95 plus shipping, and subscribers can save more by purchasing multi-month subscriptions.

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2. My Aquarium Box
My Aquarium Box is the first-ever subscription box made for freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Discover the latest and greatest foods, tools, gadgets, supplements and decor delivered straight to your door once a month. Subscriptions are $24.99 (freshwater box) or $29.99 (saltwater box) including shipping, and you can cancel at any time.


3. Squawk Box
Squawk Box is a monthly care package for your parrots, containing 4-6 carefully selected toys, treats, and more to keep your feathered friend healthy and entertained throughout the month. With a unique variety in every box, it’s a fun surprise for birds (and their humans). Subscriptions can renew every 1, 3, or 6 months and start at $24.95 a month. Select a box based on the size of your bird. Squawk Box donates a percentage of every sale to bird rescues. Save 20% on subscriptions with coupon code: BIRDBUZZ


4. Bearded Dragon Box
Bearded Dragon Box is a monthly subscription box for pet bearded dragons and their owners. Each month, subscribers receive 3 – 5 carefully curated items like live feeders, supplements, bee pollen, probiotics, terrarium décor, costumes, or hammocks. Pet parents may receive include T-shirts, mugs, key chains, caps, decals, art, or jewelry. Sign up now for a chance to win a free 3-month subscription.

Image credit: A Horse Box

5. A Horse Box
Each month A Horse Box delivers horse and rider-approved products from popular and up-and-coming niche brands. When you sign up for A Horse Box, each month you can spoil your horse with handpicked items – from the best grooming products to gourmet horse treats & more. Subscriptions start at $25.99 a month including shipping.

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