Inside the Box – November 2017

Holy cow – it’s been A YEAR since we posted on the blog! There’s no excuse really, other than the fact that Henny & Roo has exploded in the last year, and we were focused on curating the best boxes we could for our subscribers. At that time, we had around 300 subscribers, and now almost 1000 backyard chicken keepers receive our monthly boxes. It’s crazy! We know!


We’re proud to present the vendors from our November 2017 box:

Unfortunately, our November box sold out, so we don’t have any more in our Shop, but we are now taking orders for our December box, and you won’t want to miss it! All active subscribers will receive a copy of best-selling author Melissa Caughey’s new book, How to Speak Chicken, in their December box. Sign up now!

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