A sweet smelling coop is in your future!


Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher

Sweet PDZ has been the #1 horse stall freshener on the market for decades and has kept a variety of animal/pet habitats safe, healthy and free of toxic levels of ammonia for over 33 years.   Now comes a new product exclusively for backyard chicken keepers and their chicken coops. And remember, Sweet PDZ is an All-Natural mineral and it is certified organic through OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute).

Our December subscribers will receive a sample of Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher in their December box, and Sweet PDZ invites you to try a full-size 10 lb., 25 lb., or 40 lb. version which is available at thousands of retailers across the country as well as through Amazon and a variety of other online etailers.  Ask for it by name or contact Sweet PDZ at 800-367-1534 or info@sweetpdz.com to ask for a retailer near you.

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