Partnering with Henny & Roo


Thanks for your interest in Henny & Roo, the first and only subscription box for backyard chicken keepers. We shipped our first monthly box in January 2016, and have since grown to 950 US-based subscribers (as of December 2017). Our subscribers love trying products that keep their flock happy and healthy, including poultry treats, first aid products, and items to keep the coop fresh. They also enjoy chicken-themed gifts for themselves.

We welcome you to download our Henny & Roo Partnership Info 12.17 PDF doc for details. A product placement in a Henny & Roo box gets your product in the hands and coops of our subscribers in a way you never could before. We reach thousands more via our blog and social media channels, and have helped many companies grow their social media pages via special posts and giveaways.

Is your product too big to fit in our monthly boxes? We can include a flyer or coupon directing our subscribers to your website. Or – send us the product and we can feature it in posts on Facebook (12.5K followers) and Instagram (8.7K followers).

Email us at and let us know what you have in mind. We look forward to placing your product in the homes of our subscribers. Learn more about our boxes at


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