A Peek into the January 2018 box, and a shipping price change

Untitled design (3)The Henny & Roo December boxes are hitting the front porches of chicken keepers across the USA, and we hope you are loving the items we picked out – all intended to keep your flock happy and healthy while cooped up this winter.

For us, it’s always about the next box, and while we are currently planning for March, we wanted to share a couple items that will appear in your January boxes. And while both of these companies and products are wonderful in their own right, they both also give back to the poultry community with every purchase.


Chicken Chew Layer Feed from My Urban Coop is a 100% all-natural, soy-free feed that comes in three varieties: Plump Pumpkin, Homestyle Hemp, and Frisky Flax.  And while your chickens are eating good, you’ll be doing good. Proceeds from sales of Chicken Chew support The Garden Hen, a Houston-area nonprofit that brings poultry lifecycle education to elementary school classrooms. You can even subscribe to keep the Chicken Chew coming.


And for you, the chicken keeper who might need extra cold and wind protection, we’re packing in a Free Range Skincare Lip Balm in Java Bean or Cherry Balm. While most of Free Range Skincare’s products contain egg yolk, the lip balm does not. But each sale of the balm supports the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of ex-battery hens in the Cleveland area.

Our January box contains 7 items in addition to the 2 above, and can be ordered as a monthly subscription or a one-time shipment at: hennyandroo.com

Pricing Change

The United States Postal Services recently announced the second rate hike since Henny & Roo started in 2016 and set our shipping price at $5.95. At that time, we knew we would be subsidizing a portion of our true shipping costs, which average about $7.40 per box. With the new USPS shipping rates going into effect on January 21, 2018, we will likely incur shipping costs right around $8 per box. Due to this increase, we find necessary to increase our shipping rate to $6.95 for every subscription and one-time box starting with the February box. The price change will not affect your December 15 renewal.

Raising our shipping charge will allow us to continue to include only the highest quality chicken keeping supplies and gifts in our boxes. We appreciate your loyalty and understanding!

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