Inside our December box

Our December box was all about keeping your flock happy and healthy in the colder months, when they’re more likely to be cooped up. Here in northern Illinois, our flock of 8 aren’t getting out as much as they used to. They don’t like snow, hawks are hanging around a lot more and can see them better now that the leaves have fallen, and we just aren’t outside as much to keep an eye on them.

We were so excited to partner with Melissa Caughey, best selling author and backyard poultry expert, to bring you her latest book, How to Speak Chicken. It’s a great read that will leave you with more insight into why your chickens do what they do.

The book inspired us to select products to keep them occupied and healthy during the long winter.

Our December box featured:

We’ve got just a few December boxes left in our Shop. Grab yours before it’s gone!

We wish you a very happy holiday season!

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