Preventing Frostbite in Your Flock

It’s cold out there, and you may be wondering what types of products you can use on your flock to prevent frostbite.

Lisa Steele, whose book Fresh Eggs Daily is featured in our March, 2018 box, offers a very thorough list of things you can do in the coop to keep your chickens toasty and prevent frostbite. One of those strategies is to apply a protective coating to combs and wattles.

Our subscribers received our Henny & Roo Peppermint Lavender Comb and Wattle Salve in their November boxes, but we do have a few left in our Shop.

It’s made from coconut oil and beeswax, with peppermint (antimicrobial, pain reliever, relaxant) and lavender (blood circulation enhancer, relaxant) essential oils. There is no Vaseline in this product, which can actually cause frostbite.

Henny & Roo Comb and Wattle Salve is wonderful on human skin too! Order now at:

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