Saturdays are Time to Lime!

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Our poor ladies. With the cold and snow here in northern Illinois, they’ve been in their coop more than ever. Not only because we haven’t been outside to hang with them while they free range and keep them safe from predators, but because they refuse to step foot in the white stuff.

So the coop and run…let’s just say there’s more poop in there than usual. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been using First Saturday Lime, and it’s made a big difference in drying up the poop and reducing odor.

In the coop, lime reduces odors, repels pests, protects against most bug larvae (stick fleas, lice, mites), improves calcium levels, and reduces moisture which discourages the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. First Saturday Lime recommends you apply it monthly, and you can remind yourself to do it on the first Saturday. Get it? First Saturday? So smart!

There are different types of lime, and you do have to choose a product that is safe around animals.

We know that some lime (hydrated lime, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide) can burn skin, and some lime (dolomitic, straight out of the quarry) isn’t very strong.

First Saturday Lime came up with a formulated version of hydrated lime, which is just as strong but safer. It lacks the caustic nature of hydrated lime, while also containing virtually no silica as in dolomitic lime. First Saturday Lime can be handled by bare hands (and chicken feet), free from worry. They’ll likely take a few nibbles, and that’s OK.

First Saturday Lime is also useful outside the chicken coop!

  • Organic pest barrier. Just pour around the base of your home once a month for insect control
  • Safe for children, pets, animals and organic farming
  • Stabilizes pH levels and removes algae from ponds and aquariums
  • Sanitize chicken coops, stables, barns and kennels
  • Increase soil pH levels for “sweeter,” more fertile soil
  • Use as a limewash for walls and crafts
  • Change hydrangeas’ color to pink

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