January box is about giving back

We were proud to work with wonderful vendors this month, as we are every month, really. Two of our vendors include provisions in their business model to give to a portion of product revenue to nonprofits. We admire that and were inspired to give too!


The January box featured a lip balm from FreeRange SkinCare. Most of their products are made with egg yolks, and the item that you’ll get supports their efforts to rescue, care for and rehabilitate ex-battery hens in the Cleveland area. We’ll soon feature more of their products in our Shop.


We also sent a bag of Chicken Chew Layer Feed, a new product from My Urban Coop. Make a purchase of a full size bag from their website, and not only will your flock eat well, but you’ll support The Garden Hen, a Houston-area nonprofit that brings poultry education to elementary students. Get 10% off when you sign up for a subscription to have Chicken Chew delivered to your home monthly, and get free shipping with orders over $49 from myurbancoop.com.

The giving spirit of these two companies inspired us to give too, so And finally, we are sending the January box to each of the past recipients of the Coops for Troops program – all veterans facing PTSD. We thank Coop Dreams for coordinating this program and accepting this gift.

We’re sure your flock got excited about the Grubblies in your January box! Grubblies are dried black soldier fly larvae that are really high in protein. They must taste pretty good too, because our flock comes running when they see the bag! Grubbly Farms also offers a monthly subscription in which your first 1 pound bag is free, and then you continue to save 10% each month.

canvasbagOur new Peace, Love, Chickens bag included in the January Henny & Roo box is a generous 7 x 11 inches and reminds us of the important things in life! More available in our Shop.

We also included a 2-pack of spring-loaded latches so that if needed, you can add some extra security to your coop, and a 2018 calendar featuring beautiful chicken photos from Exotic Nutrition.

Also included was Ball of Bugs treats from Pacific Bird and Supply to help keep your flock occupied in the coop. It’s fun to see them roll them around as they peck.

To keep the coop clean, we added EcoPet Natural Cleaner from DooKashi, makers of the coop bedding deodorizer. It’s a concentrated formula meant to be diluted with water, and all of the ingredients are natural and organic. It’s non-corrosive, non-toxic, and uses an organic probiotic to clean away grime and odors. Nothing but the best for our flock, right?

And finally, each subscriber received a packet of Gro2Max Probiotic Supplement. Gro2Max helps chickens better absorb nutrients from feed, resulting in healthier birds and increased size and quality of eggs with no withdrawal.


We hope you loved your January box, and we are working hard to prepare for February! We’re excited to share our “Laid with Love” egg stamp with each February subscriber.

Didn’t get a box? Grab a January box as a one-time item without a subscription, or subscribe and start with our February box. 

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