Inside the May 2018 Box

Subscribers, what did you think of your May box? We LOVED working with our product partners on this one, and sharing each item with you. Your May box has a retail price of $55 and features 8 items including:

– Sunflower Delight treats from Chick-O-Rama

– Encore Poultry Grit Plus by FM Brown’s Premium Food for Birds & Small Animals

– Ropadiar Liquid Oregano Supplement from Ropapharm

– Handmade Chicken Decoration from The Teal Chicken, LLC

– SummerHawk Ranch Egg Wipes

– Peace, Love, Chicken bracelet, a Henny+Roo exclusive

– Durvet, Inc. Vitamin Supplement packet

– 10mL syringe to measure Ropadiar and for general first aid use.

Did you miss out on our May box? We’ve got a few left in our Shop at:

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