Get 10% off First Saturday Lime

Our friends at First Saturday Lime have a special offer for you! Order now and use code HENNYANDROO at checkout, and you’ll save 10%. Spend more than $25, and you’ll also get free shipping!

Here at the Henny+Roo coop, we sprinkle First Saturday Lime into the bedding, and it helps dry things out and repel insects. We love it because it’s strong enough to keep critters away, but gentle enough that it won’t burn your flock’s feet. It’s crushed limestone, so if they eat it, it won’t harm them, and will even strengthen egg shells.

Every first Saturday of the month, we sprinkle it around the perimeter of the house and haven’t had any issues with ants this year.

We love First Saturday Lime, and think you will too. Give it a try and don’t forget to use code HENNYANDROO when you order at

Your June Henny+Roo Box

Hey subscribers! We LOVED putting the June box together for you, and the vendors for this box were awesome.

The June boxes featured Farmers’ Helper Golden Egg Nugget Treats, our Henny+Roo Exclusive “Love me, Love my chickens” unbreakable enamel camp cup, Sani-Care Odor Control for the coop from Espoma Naturals, a packet of dry cider vinegar from Best Veterinary Solutions, our exclusive solid perfume fragrance from Orglamic Cosmetics, the latest issue of Backyard Poultry Magazine and for your first aid kit: a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a set of tweezers with magnifier to clean out debris.

We pack all of our boxes with a nesting pad for reusing in the coop.

We truly hope you loved this month’s box, and we look forward to bringing you more good things for you and your flock in July! Need more of anything in the June box? Visit our Shop or click on any of the partner links above to order.