Hey you! Whatcha drinkin’ over there?

The We Drink & We Farm Things podcast is a Henny+Roo favorite, so we invited them to the blog to share how and why they do what they do. Take it away, ladies!

We’re Bev & Sam from the podcast, We Drink & We Farm Things. We host a weekly farm comedy podcast where we drink adult beverages, farm, and give zero clucks about having the perfect farm life. Not that we don’t want our farms to be full of good things all the time, but the realities of farm life aren’t always rainbows and sunshine. We like to keep it real with you and have discussions that include the mistakes we make, new knowledge we gain, entertainment, and sometimes we go off on tangents that are non-farming related.

We started the podcast because we wanted to share farming stories and knowledge for those into chicken keeping, hobby farming, or homesteading life that needed a happy hour style chat they could listen to whenever and wherever. Whether you’re a farm newbie or a seasoned homesteader, you’ll love our podcast if you enjoy casual learning and don’t mind some slightly inappropriate humor along the way.

That’s Bev.

Bev Ross is a new(ish) homesteader that moved her family from the desert suburbs of Phoenix to rural Ohio in 2017. Her beverage of choice is beer, and she has 11 chickens and counting, plus goats, and is trying to be really good so Santa will bring her a donkey someday.

And that’s Sam.

Sam Bolton is the accidental hobby farmer at Chickens & Wine. Her beverage of choice is, wine, and she has 70 chickens and counting, plus goats, ducks, and a mini pig. She hosts #chickenselfiesunday over on Instagram.

If you’re totally new to listening to podcasts and want to check us out, we suggest you head to our website and listen to the latest episode. Then, be sure to check out our interview with Tina from Henny+Roo. She was awesome enough to be our 2nd interview EVER!

Find yourself hooked? New episodes are released every Friday on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. They are also always published on our website. You can follow us on Instagram @drinkandfarm or Facebook, and join our Facebook group.

Download the podcast, grab your ear buds and your favorite drink, and head outside. Bev and Sam are bringing the fun back to farm chores!

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