Reasons To Grab a Beverage and Chill With Your Chickens

When you first decided to get chickens, it was probably because you wanted farm fresh eggs on-demand. 

But as you got to know your little flock, you realized how fascinating and entertaining those little dinosaurs are.

And yes, they remind us of dinos as well. 

The truth is, after a while, raising chickens can become a bit monotonous.

And at times you may have even found yourself annoyed or frustrated with your flock.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. No judgment here. We’ve had to chase our chooks down from time to time, and who wouldn’t get frustrating while trying to catch a chicken, even when it’s for their own good (like for their safety or medical care).

Anyway, we’re putting this post out into the world to remind everyone how wonderful chickens are.

And to take you back to the days when your chickens simply mesmerized you!

Reasons to Take a Break With Your Chickens

Reconnect With Nature Through Chickens

Chickens are often referred to as the gateway to farming animals. Many times, they’re chosen as a first farm animal because they’re small, fairly simple to care for, and they give back. 

But we think they’re the gateway critter because they also help us reconnect to nature.

For example, when we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy workday, spending time outside with our chickens can feel therapeutic. 

They’re wild, but not that wild.

And when we care for them and spend time with them while feeling a gentle breeze and the warm sun, it washes away the chaos of the day. Instead of stressing, we’re spending time with animals, in nature.

Leave the World Behind

Speaking of therapy, chickens are extremely distracting creatures. In a good way. 

Chickens are fascinating. They forage, take dust baths, cackle, run (really funny to watch), and scold each other. 

Watching the dynamics of our flocks is a way to relax, focus on the present moment, and enjoy our chickens. 

And, if we’re lucky, we might even have a chicken that enjoys being held, carried around during chores, or even pet. 

Simply spending time with another being, even if it’s a chicken, is enough to lift our spirits when we’re feeling down. 

Assess the Flock

Hanging out with your flock from time to time isn’t just good for your mental health; it’s also good for their health. 

Observing our flock helps you notice conditions like molting.

Sometimes we forget to slow down and check-in with our chooks.

We’re busy. All.the.time.

And we miss things. Important things…like health issues in the flock.

So instead of rushing into the coop to harvest eggs, and rushing back out, spending a few moments of quiet time watching your flock could alert you to an illness or injury amongst them.

Togetherness & Teamwork

At first, this might sound a bit strange. But there’s a lot we can learn (and teach our children) about social behavior, just from watching a flock of chickens. 

Chooks look out for each other, move together, alert each other of impending doom, and cannot thrive without one another. They’re social animals, just like us. 

Without a flock, no matter how small it is, behavior issues arise. So, we can learn, and teach, about the importance of teamwork. 

(Maybe not when there’s more than one rooster present, but you get the idea.)

Our Chickens Provide Entertainment

Of course, we’ve come full circle.

Chickens can distract us from the stress of our lives, give us companionship when we’re feeling lonely, and teach us about teamwork.

They do all those things, but they also provide entertainment at its finest.

Time and time again, my own flock has entertained not just my family, but also guests. They’re amusing, with all their clucks and squawks.

They’re hilarious when they run around with treats in their beaks. And they’re intriguing when they look at us quizzically. Those silly little dino eyes.

In fact, we might just be as entertaining to them!

So, go ahead and allow yourself a moment to enjoy your beloved flock of chickens, once again.

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