Looking for a great gift for the backyard chicken keeper in your life? Or maybe you want to give yourself a gift each month? With the Henny & Roo subscription box, you get a monthly surprise box filled with 6-8 useful items for your chickens, and fun stuff for you!


Back on a Saturday morning in July, 2015, my family gathered around our dog and helped her open the subscription box we’d ordered for her. We thought it would be fun if she received a monthly delivery of treats and toys, and she was not disappointed. Later that day, my 8 year old daughter asked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if our chickens got their own box of treats?” And the rest is history! We sent our first box of chicken keeping supplies to about 100 excited subscribers in October, 2015.

Chicken keepers ourselves, we would never include an item in our boxes that doesn’t get our flock’s cluck of approval. You’ll find that we put a great deal of thought, research and time into the selections for each monthly box.

We will help you build your chicken emergency kit, try new treats that your chickens will love, learn more about how to care for your animals with books and magazines, and enjoy chicken-themed gifts, cooking items, and other goodies. It’s the only way we know to truly surprise yourself with a gift – one that supports your favorite hobby.

Henny & Roo boxes make the perfect gift for the chicken keeper in your life (even if that’s you!). Show your loved one that you love their chickens too by purchasing a subscription or something from our Shop.

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