October Henny+Roo Box Sneak Peek

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We started with a new packing and shipping partner with the September box, and were thrilled at how quickly they arrived at the homes of our subscribers! We are hoping that fast delivery extends through the holiday season, because shipping products last year was scaaaary!

October Henny+Roo box Sneak Peek

Speaking of scary, our October box features an adorably scary Halloween chicken-themed garden flag. It’s perfect for decorating your coop, mail box, or front porch area. We also wanted to put your garden flag holder that you may have purchased in anticipation of the June box, which featured the Welcome to Our Coop flag.

If you don’t have a flag holder, we recommend this one: https://amzn.to/3AecAkZ

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Happy Halloween!

Should You Give Chickens More Than Just Water?

When it’s not the heat, but it’s the gosh darn humidity, you may wonder if you’re doing enough to keep your chickens hydrated. 

And, in most cases, ensuring your flock has access to cool clean water 24/7 is usually enough. 

But sometimes, you might want to consider giving your chickens a little bit more to get through the hottest of the hot dog days of summer.

Reasons To Add Supplements to Your Flock’s Water

Aside from the heat, there’s a few other reasons you may want to add some extras to your chickens’ waterer. 

Consider adding a little something extra during these situations:

When It’s Really Hot

When the heat turns intolerable, you’ll notice that your chickens begin to show signs of distress. 

They’ll puff out their wings, open their beaks, and appear to pant. This usually means they’re pretty uncomfortable. 

Adding ice cubes to their waterers can help keep the water cooler longer. Plus, your chooks will enjoy the cubes (as a toy).

Ice cubes can double as entertainment for bored, overheated, chickens. Your chooks will peck and push them around the watering hole (and keep cool while doing so).

In short, it’s just one little thing you can do to keep your chickens comfy when it’s unbearably uncomfortable outside. 

Add Electrolytes to Water for Illness

When chickens are already battling the heat it’s no fun to be sick as well. Remember the last time you had a cold during the summer? 

Talk about uncomfortable, right?

But it’s also dangerous.

Because illness often leads to dehydration. And coupled with extreme heat, chickens have a lot to overcome. 

That’s where electrolytes come in handy. 

Adding some chicken-friendly electrolytes to your chicken’s water supply will help them bounce back from illness and make it through the heat much easier. 

A product that’s perfect for promoting chicken wellness is Henny+Roo 3 in 1 Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Probiotics for Poultry. We include this product roughly once a quarter in our monthly deliveries for backyard chicken keepers.

Electrolytes help optimize health and hydration during hot weather and times of stress. Vitamins are necessary for cellular functions. And probiotics help beneficial bacteria grow in the digestive tract, aiding digestive health. And it’s easy to administer – 1 packet is added to 1 gallon of water. Available in a 5-packet set here.

Dehydration Prevention and Treatment

Speaking of electrolytes, your chickens don’t have to be sick in order to benefit from the addition of electrolytes. 

In fact, if you’re proactive about the heat, and add electrolytes to chicken water as a preventative measure, you can ward off dehydration. Doing so will also help prevent illness caused by dehydration, and a lowered immune system, before it claims your chickens. 

So watch the weather forcast and add some electrolytes before the weather gets bad.

Mineral Deficiency

If your chickens are free-rangers, they will be excellent at finding the nutrients they need on their own. 

But if you’re location is lacking in an important component to your chickens’ diets, you may want to consider adding minerals to their water. 

Minerals can also help boost your flock’s immune system when there’s a bug going around the coop. 

Choosing the Right Minerals

As you can see, supplements can be helpful during the heat, but if your chickens are healthy, it’s not a necessity. 

On the other hand, if you’re losing chickens, or noticing a recurring health problem, it’s not a bad idea to take your chickens to the vet to uncover any underlying issues.

And if it’s a mineral deficiency, it’s important to know which mineral you’ll need to supplement. 

Water Acidifier – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is said to have benefits for poultry including increased immunity, and the addition of beneficial minerals, and just an overall health boost. Another important use is placing a teaspoon per gallon in the coop’s waterer to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae. Don’t use it in metal waterers, though – it can corrode them over time.

At the Henny+Roo coop, we use Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, which can be easily ordered and delivered to your home from Amazon.

In short, illness and mineral deficiency make it even more difficult to withstand the heat.

You’ll want to keep your chickens happy and healthy for years to come. Otherwise, they may stop giving you those delicious eggs you love!

*Henny+Roo is the first monthly subscription box for chicken keepers! 

Every month, get a curated delivery filled with chicken-themed products.  You’ll get healthy treats, timely health products, seasonal gifts, and hand-pecked goodies for you and your flock!

Shop our monthly plans and non-subscription items at hennyandroo.com.

Reasons To Grab a Beverage and Chill With Your Chickens

When you first decided to get chickens, it was probably because you wanted farm fresh eggs on-demand. 

But as you got to know your little flock, you realized how fascinating and entertaining those little dinosaurs are.

And yes, they remind us of dinos as well. 

The truth is, after a while, raising chickens can become a bit monotonous.

And at times you may have even found yourself annoyed or frustrated with your flock.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. No judgment here. We’ve had to chase our chooks down from time to time, and who wouldn’t get frustrating while trying to catch a chicken, even when it’s for their own good (like for their safety or medical care).

Anyway, we’re putting this post out into the world to remind everyone how wonderful chickens are.

And to take you back to the days when your chickens simply mesmerized you!

Reasons to Take a Break With Your Chickens

Reconnect With Nature Through Chickens

Chickens are often referred to as the gateway to farming animals. Many times, they’re chosen as a first farm animal because they’re small, fairly simple to care for, and they give back. 

But we think they’re the gateway critter because they also help us reconnect to nature.

For example, when we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy workday, spending time outside with our chickens can feel therapeutic. 

They’re wild, but not that wild.

And when we care for them and spend time with them while feeling a gentle breeze and the warm sun, it washes away the chaos of the day. Instead of stressing, we’re spending time with animals, in nature.

Leave the World Behind

Speaking of therapy, chickens are extremely distracting creatures. In a good way. 

Chickens are fascinating. They forage, take dust baths, cackle, run (really funny to watch), and scold each other. 

Watching the dynamics of our flocks is a way to relax, focus on the present moment, and enjoy our chickens. 

And, if we’re lucky, we might even have a chicken that enjoys being held, carried around during chores, or even pet. 

Simply spending time with another being, even if it’s a chicken, is enough to lift our spirits when we’re feeling down. 

Assess the Flock

Hanging out with your flock from time to time isn’t just good for your mental health; it’s also good for their health. 

Observing our flock helps you notice conditions like molting.

Sometimes we forget to slow down and check-in with our chooks.

We’re busy. All.the.time.

And we miss things. Important things…like health issues in the flock.

So instead of rushing into the coop to harvest eggs, and rushing back out, spending a few moments of quiet time watching your flock could alert you to an illness or injury amongst them.

Togetherness & Teamwork

At first, this might sound a bit strange. But there’s a lot we can learn (and teach our children) about social behavior, just from watching a flock of chickens. 

Chooks look out for each other, move together, alert each other of impending doom, and cannot thrive without one another. They’re social animals, just like us. 

Without a flock, no matter how small it is, behavior issues arise. So, we can learn, and teach, about the importance of teamwork. 

(Maybe not when there’s more than one rooster present, but you get the idea.)

Our Chickens Provide Entertainment

Of course, we’ve come full circle.

Chickens can distract us from the stress of our lives, give us companionship when we’re feeling lonely, and teach us about teamwork.

They do all those things, but they also provide entertainment at its finest.

Time and time again, my own flock has entertained not just my family, but also guests. They’re amusing, with all their clucks and squawks.

They’re hilarious when they run around with treats in their beaks. And they’re intriguing when they look at us quizzically. Those silly little dino eyes.

In fact, we might just be as entertaining to them!

So, go ahead and allow yourself a moment to enjoy your beloved flock of chickens, once again.

Here’s your new chillin’ with the chickens insulated mug! Available here.

For more fun, check out the We Drink and We Farm Things podcast. Sam and Bev introduce you to their drink of the week and small farming and homesteading topics. They’re great companions to listen to while doing your chicken keeping chores!

Learn about our monthly deliveries for chicken keepers here.

Henny+Roo monthly supply boxes for chicken keepers have been providing poultry enthusiasts with seasonal supplies and gifts since 2016. See what all the excitement is about on Instagram and visit our website at hennyandroo.com to learn more! New subscribers always save 10% on their first subscription with code: NEWSUB at checkout.

Get to Know Coops for Troops

Chickens aren’t just the gateway to the farming world; they’re also a source of joy, a source of food, and believe it or not, chickens can be calming companions.

Therapy animals.

This is why we we are always thrilled to contribute to a Coopdreams.tv initiative called Coops for Troops. 

What is Coops for Troops?

Coops for Troops is a non-profit organization that was born out of the Coop Dreams TV reality show. The creator, Brad Hauter, initially aired the Coops for Troops idea as a single segment on the television show. 

From this show, Coops for Troops took off and developed into a cause worthy of a chicken lover’s attention. 

Brad Hauter

According to their website, “Coops for Troops provides chickens, a coop, and a starter pack of feed and supplies to returning veterans, the families of deployed military personnel, military schools, VA hospitals, and retirement homes.”

It’s their hope that a gift of chickens will help those struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

And not only is Brad a super interesting guy because he hosts a TV show and helps veterans while spreading the goodness chickens can bring, but he’s also traveled across the country on a riding lawn mower to raise funds for Keep America Beautiful. Cool, huh?

How Can Chickens Help?

Similar to other therapy animals, chickens can provide companionship, promote relationship-building, and bring a smile to the face of someone who suffers from PTSD. 

Chickens have also been known to reduce stress due to their silly antics and due to the fact that they need to be tended to daily. In other words, chickens give those in need something to care for, a way to feel less isolated, and of course never alone. 

What’s more, chickens don’t just give back through entertainment and companionship, they also provide eggs. It’s nearly a gesture of gratitude in itself when a pet provides such a thing to a devoted caretaker. The relationship is mutual.

But the chickens aren’t just for the troops, they’re also for their families and others dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

Spouses and children of military families are also benefiting from the Coops for Troops initiaitve.

What is Henny+Roo’s connection to Coop Dreams and Coops for Troops?

Since 2016, Henny+Roo has partnered with the incredible folks at Coop Dreams to provide Henny+Roo chicken supply boxes to veterans via the Coops for Troops program. We do this not only because we believe in the healing power of chickens, but because we have very special military veterans in the Henny+Roo family.

We have also participated in fundraisers, like selling our Glory Hen Lapel Pin, where $5 from each sale is donated to Coops for Troops. Get yours here.

We regularly participate in Coop Dreams’ Friday Night Introvert Club, a weekly Facebook Live event full of trivia games and even Chicken Poop Bingo, information, and sometimes even guests hosts. Follow Coop Dreams on Facebook for newsfeed notifications of the next Friday Night Introvert Club.

Back in 2019, we were thrilled to meet The Coop Dreams team in person at their Coop Camp event, which has been held annually since 2014 (except for 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic). Coop Camp is a fun weekend for chicken keepers held in the Indianapolis area and features expert speakers, hands-on classes, games, door prizes, and even goat yoga. Being an internet-based business doesn’t leave much opportunity for us to interact with the chicken keeping community in person, and we were so happy to do so at Coop Camp 2019. We can’t wait for the next one.

How can You Make a Difference for Veterans?

When you love chickens as much as we do, it’s natural to want to share them with others. It’s like we’re in a secret, special, chicken-loving club. And our arms are wide open to anyone interested in chickens. 

That’s why we wanted to share this amazing opportunity with our readers, so you can help make a difference and share your love for chickens with those who could benefit from a happy flock.

So, if you’d like to nominate a veteran, military family, VA hospital, or home simply visit the Coop Dreams website and complete the form provided. 

If you’re interested in sending a donation to help the program continue to provide coops to troops visit their PayPal page here

Chicken lovers know the healing power of these amazing birds. From their goofy behavior to the delicious eggs they provide for us, they’re truly a joy to behold. So let’s spread that joy to those in need. Together, we can make a difference!

You can also follow Coops for Troops on Facebook to get updates and see the inspiring stories of chickens and their new families.

Henny+Roo is the first and foremost monthly subscription service for chicken keepers, providing our members with health treats, products to build their poultry first aid kids, and useful chicken-themed gifts for keepers. Shop our monthly plans and non-subscription items at hennyandroo.com.

The July 2021 Henny+Roo Box for Chicken Keepers is here!

Your July box is meant for fun, inside and outside of the coop!

You’ll get:

Chubby Mealworms – Consider rehydrating this treat favorite in water before serving in hot weather.

Chicken Salad Seeds – For those who really like to spoil your flock! All seeds are non-GMO, and sourced, printed and packaged in the USA. Feed directly to chickens if you don’t wish to start the seeds. For sprouting, consider purchasing our Mesh Mason Jar Lid, which makes the required rinsing of sprouts easy!

Henny+Roo Vanilla Fly Repellant – Hang in coop to keep flies away. Replace every 10 days or so. Available in packs of 5 at hennyandroo.com

Flock Fixer by Strong Animals with Essential Oils: A vitamin-rich additive that helps hydrate, restores vital nutrients and helps support immunity.

Chicks Love This Feed from Green Ribbon Fertilizer: Egg to layer, Chicks Love This! provides a complete, complex, natural, and sustainable feed designed to optimize feed for birds from egg to about 7 or 8 weeks of life.

Tweezers: A must for every poultry first aid kit (because you don’t want to use your own)!

Henny+Roo Chicken Print Beach Towel: Show off your passion for poultry at the beach, pool, or your own bathroom.

Logo Sunglasses: You’ll be the coolest chicken keeper around. Trust us.

Nesting Box Liner: In every box! For use with mature hens.

Since 2016, Henny+Roo has provided chicken keepers with high-quality, fun, and useful products for their flock – delivered straight to their doors monthly. Use code NEWSUB to save 10% on your first subscription!

9 Ways to Help Your Chickens in Hot Weather

When the temperature rises, you’re not the only one dealing with the heat and humidity. Your chickens are probably feeling the it too.

The good news is, there’s a lot you can do to keep your chickens comfortable when the summer sun starts shining. 

Here at Henny+Roo, we’ve got a few cool recommendations for you to help your chickens in hot weather.

1. Provide Summer Shade

Chickens are super self-sufficient. They know when they’re overheated. 

In fact, one of the first things your chickens will do when they’re hot is seek out shade. So, if your chooks are confined to their coop, or run, make sure they have shelter from the sun. 

And if they’re free-rangers, they’ll probably seek shade under bushes…most likely where there’s a dust bath. 

You can add tarps, shrubbery, or anything you’ve got laying around the yard to add temporary shade on the hottest days of the year.

2. Dig a Dust Bath

If you have free-range chickens, you’ll often see them taking dust baths on super hot days. This is because it helps them chill out. 

Help them out by creating a special space in your chicken run for a dust bath. And make sure it’s big enough to hold your whole flock because they’ll all want to get in on the sunbathing. 

Dust baths can be made using a shallow bin, a wood frame, a barrier with logs or stones or even just a dry corner or the yard or run. It should be easy for them to get into and large enough to allow your chicken to lie in, spread their wings and flick dust over their whole body.

It can be filled with dry, fine dirt or sand, and can be enhanced with dried herbs, wood ash, or diatomaceous earth if you prefer.

Try Henny+Roo Coop Complete Dried Herbs in the coop and dust bathing area to repel pests, calm chickens, and freshen the area.

You can also purchase dust bathing substrate. We like this one from Lixit which is available in a 5.5 lb tub.

3. Water, Water, and More Water

It usually goes without saying that chickens need access to fresh, clean, water 24/7. But when the heat is on, the water might need refilling more often than usual. Your chickens will frequent their watering hole a lot more often when it’s hot outside. 

So, monitor your waterers throughout the day to make sure your chickens are never without refreshment.

Additionally, ensure waterers are large and can hold enough water to get your chickens through the day if you’re away at work during a hot spell.

4. Ice Helps Chickens in Hot Weather

Speaking of water, if you’re able to, keep it even colder on hot days. You can do this by adding ice cubes to the waterers. 

Your chickens will appreciate the icy cool water, and may even enjoy playing with the ice cubes.

You don’t have to put ice in the waterers, but just think of how you feel when you’re about to take a drink from your ice-cold water glass on a hot day and it’s HOT! In other words, your chickens will appreciate it.

5. Add Electrolytes to Combat Dehydration

As a preventative measure, you might consider adding electrolytes to your chickens’ waterers to hold of dehydration from the heat.

If you’re not sure if your chickens are dehydrated or not, feel free to add electrolytes. It doesn’t hurt to add them, even if your chickens aren’t dehydrated. 

Henny+Roo 3 in 1 Vitamins Electrolytes and Probiotics for Poultry helps you meet your flock’s supplemental needs and can be added directly to their water. Electrolytes help optimize health and hydration during hot weather and times of stress. Vitamins are necessary for cellular functions. And probiotics help beneficial bacteria grow in the digestive tract, aiding digestive health.

6. Fresh Food For Chickens in Hot Weather

Give your chickens fresh food.

And when we say fresh food, we mean fresh, FROZEN food. Like frozen treats right out of the freezer. Think: watermelon.  

Chickens l.o.v.e. watermelon on any given day, but when it’s scorching hot out, they’ll go crazy for a super cold melon…just for them. 

Other water-heavy veggies, like iceberg lettuce, also help keep your chicks cool and hydrated when the heat rises.

7. Easy Breezy

If your chickens are overheating, they’ll appear to be panting, like a dog. But chickens can’t drool or sweat (like us) to keep cooll. Instead, they pant and fluff out their wings hoping to catch a breeze.

In other words, if overheating, your chickens will look as hot as you probably feel on a scorcher. If this happens, your chickens need some relief. Give them a fan and place them in a breezy area with lots of cool water and light watery treats. 

A simple breeze will do wonders for your chickens. You can even put a barn-safe fan nearby to keep them cool in the coop. 

8. Stress Less

You know it feels when your stressed out and it’s hot out? Yeah, you may sweat, you’re probably uncomfortable, and you just wish you could catch a break. Well, chickens stress…out all the time. 

It’s kind of their thing. 

So, do your best to keep your chickens calm during hot weather. Make sure they have everything they need (all the creature comforts), keep predators away, and separate bully hens and roosters to keep the stress under control. 

9. Kiddie Pools and Sprinklers

Chickens don’t typically enjoy swimming. But some might take advantage of a nearby sprinkler or kiddie pool. If they don’t, they may reap some of the benefits of the coolness of the water nearby, regardless of their swimming abilities. 

Henny+Roo monthly supply boxes for chicken keepers have been providing poultry enthusiasts with seasonal supplies and gifts since 2016. See what all the excitement is about on Instagram and visit our website at hennyandroo.com to learn more! New subscribers always save 10% on their first subscription with code: NEWSUB at checkout.

Inside the June 2021 Henny+Roo Box for Chicken Keepers

Summer is here, and we hope you and your flock are taking the time to enjoy the outdoors. We hope that your June selections help you enjoy every moment of good weather and times with your flock and family!

Free Range Rooster Camp Cup: A fun way to celebrate the 4th of July while showing off your passion for poultry.

Hentastic Peck ‘n Mix Herb Surprise: Thank your ladies for all those eggs!

Hydro Hen Drinking Water Supplement: Probiotics, electrolytes, and acidifiers to provide hydration and gut health when your birds need it most. For all species and ages of poultry. Makes 22 one-gal servings.

Rollerball Oil Perfume: Hay Bale is a fragrance exclusive to Henny+Roo featuring fresh notes of clover and aloe.

Chicken Layer Love Feed: Combining proper proportions of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, and biologicals, these pellets and mealworms are lighted coated with secondary and trace elements that have been Ultra Chelated.

Aluminum Treat Scoop: For dishing out feed, treats, grit, etc.

Throwback Logo Sticker: We’re celebrating our 6th year in business with one of our first logos, by request of some of our longest-term subscribers!

Nesting Box Liner: In every box!

The June box is sold out, so sadly, we don’t have any for sale on our website at hennyandroo.com. The only way to make sure you get one of our monthly boxes, you have to be a subscriber. Join the first and foremost subscription service for backyard chicken keepers, and save 10% with code NEWSUB


A look inside the May 2021 Henny+Roo Monthly Box for Backyard Chicken Keepers

four assorted color roosters
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

If you missed out on the delivery of our May 2021 boxes to our subscribers, we do have just a few available in our Shop for purchase without a subscription. Here’s what’s inside:

Exotic Nutrition Healthy Treat Pack for Poultry: A variety of four fun and nutritious treats for your flock.

Metal Chick or Grit Feeder: A small feeder perfect for the brooder. Switch to a grit or treat feeder for older birds. More: hennyandroo.com

Kalmbach Feed: Try out Kalmbach’s all-natural, non-GMO complete feed formulated for growing pullets, ducks, geese, chickens, and gamebirds. More: kalmbachfeeds.com

Chick-o-Rama Non-GMO Sprouting Barley: Sprouting is a simple way to provide nutrition for your livestock and cut feed cost. Sprouted barley increases in protein quality, essential fatty acids, crude fiber, and vitamin/mineral content. More: chick-o-rama.com

*Should you wish to try the mason jar sprouting method, we carry mesh jar lids at hennyandroo.com

Maine Outdoor Solutions Wolf PeeShot: In the wild, the predator marks its territory with urine and stalks its prey. Animals like mice, rats, skunk, and even suburban coyotes react to the scent of predator pee by seeking to avoid those predators at all costs. Place in your coop for another line of predator defense.

Pine Tree Farms Le Petit Cake: An excellent natural food supplement for chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants, and other fowl.

“Welcome to our Coop” Garden Flag: Announce to visitors that they’re welcome, and to look out for the chickens! More: hennyandroo.com

Floral Hen Bandana: So many uses for this cute, 100% microfiber bandana. You won’t find this Henny+Roo exclusive anywhere else! More: hennyandroo.com

Nesting Box Liner: In every box!

Please note: Garden Flag holder is not included, but we recommend this one.

If you don’t wish to purchase a flag holder, you can still enjoy your garden flag! Hang it as a banner inside your coop, use tacks to hang it on the coop doors, use a dowel rod and some jute twine to hang it on your front door. There are lots of alternatives to the push-in-the-ground style flag holder.

If you or the chicken keeper in your life would like to receive monthly deliveries of supplies for the flock, and surprises for the human, check us out at hennyandroo.com!

A flag holder for your May Henny+Roo box garden flag

Photo of Henny+Roo's Welcome to our Coop Garden Flag

As you may have seen in our May 2021 Henny+Roo Chicken Keepers Box sneek peeks, all subscribers will receive our new and exclusive Welcome to our Coop Garden Flag! We think this will be such a cute, farmhouse style outdoor decor piece for your home.

Because it would not fit in our boxes, we are not including a flag stand. If you don’t currently have one, we recommend this one on Amazon:

We purchased this flag holder for our garden flag at home because it’s sturdy, the pieces screw together for a better fit, and it has clips to hold the flag in place in the wind. And, it’s inexpensive.

If you don’t wish to purchase a flag holder, you can still enjoy your garden flag! Hang it as a banner inside your coop, use tacks to hang it on the coop doors, use a dowel rod and some jute twine to hang it on your front door. There are lots of alternatives to the push-in-the-ground style flag holder.

Not a subscriber? Learn more about our monthly deliveries of supplies, treats and surprises for chicken keepers here. You can also purchase the Welcome to our Coop Garden Flag without a subscription here.

Happy Spring!

A look inside the Henny+Roo May Box for Chicken Keepers

Subscribers, take a look inside your May box! Your April box is in transit, and while you await its arrival, we are putting the finishing touches on your May box. First, your chickens will come running for the @exoticnutrition Chicken Treat Variety Pack. And you’ll be able to welcome guests with our cute Henny+Roo exclusive farmhouse-style garden flag!

The April box sold out, and we fully expect the May box to sell out too. Because of the limited supply, the May box will not be available on our website as a non-subscription purchase. You have to be a current subscriber to get it, so it’s a great time to start or reactivate your subscription!

Check out our monthly terms at hennyandroo.com 🐓