Inside your April 2018 box

April box

Subscribers, we hope you’re enjoying your April box! We were honored to work with our April partners on the contents of this month’s box:
– Hand-printed tote from The City Girl Farm
– The April/May issue of Backyard Poultry Magazine
– An 8 oz. bag of Chubby Mealworms
Hentastic Treats Mealworm and Oregano Treats
Garden Maker Naturals Coop Companion Fertilizer
– Triple Antibiotic Ointment for your poultry first aid kit
– I ♥️ Chickens vinyl decal (clear background with white chicken shape and black text)
Henny & Roo Vanilla Scented Air Freshener (repels insects in coop)
Didn’t get our April box? We’ve got just a few left in our Shop!

Feeding Eggs to Your Chickens

While a complete layer feed is best for your laying hens, feeding eggs back to your chickens is a healthy treat that they’ll love. And we’re going to show you how to easily boost your flock’s calcium intake at the same time.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, Vitamins A and E, and beta carotene. That’s one of the reasons many of us raise chickens!

The ancestors of the chickens we raise today were Asian jungle fowl that typically would lay about 12 eggs a year. Over the last couple of hundred years, we’ve developed breeds that lay about 300 eggs a year, and sometimes more. This makes it important to ensure that the nutrients a hen loses through eggs production are replenished. And doesn’t it make sense to give her back those same exact nutrients?

That’s where cooked eggs come in. You don’t want to feed your chicken raw eggs, as that could encourage them to eat their own eggs before you have a chance to collect them. Cooking the eggs makes them look and taste different enough that your flock won’t associate them with the eggs they lay.

If your eggs have shells that are thin or soft, your flock likely needs more calcium. You can make crushed oyster shells available, or you can feed them eggshells. You may have seen different methods for drying and crushing eggshells, but we have a way to feed your chickens the eggs they love with the extra boost of calcium that their shells provide.

Place whole eggs in your blender. You don’t even have to break them, just drop them in. We use about one egg per chicken.

Place the cover on and blend for 10 seconds or so. Have your pan ready, because you’ll want to pour the mixture in before the eggshells settle to the bottom of the pitcher. You may wish to use cooking spray to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan.

Start scramblin’! Break up any chunks of eggshells as you go. When they’re done, be sure the eggs are cool before serving.

As healthy as eggs are, they should be used as an occasional treat, like any other treats you give your flock. Their commercial feed gives them all of the nutrients they need, and shouldn’t be replaced by too many treats, scratch, or table scraps. Chicks and growing hens should receive treats even more sparingly if at all. Too much calcium can cause kidney damage in a non-laying hen, so adding eggshells to their scrambled eggs is not necessary.

More more information on nutrition for laying hens, read “Feeding Chickens for Egg Production,” by Dr. Jacquie Jacob, University of Kentucky.

Henny & Roo Subscriber Survey

In March, 2018, we surveyed our subscribers so that we could get a better understanding of who our customers are, so that we can select products to include in our boxes that best fit your needs and interests. Here’s what we found.

Experience Levelimg_9290
Henny & Roo subscribers have varying degrees of chicken keeping experience, with over a third having 2-3 years of experience.
0-1 years: 27%
2-3 years: 38%
4-5 years: 17%
More than 5 years: 18%

Pets, or Livestock?
It stands to reason that most of our subscribers view their chickens as pets with benefits (eggs!). I mean, we spoil them with treats and sprinkle their nesting boxes with dried herbs! Of all respondents, 59% indicated their flocks are pets, while almost all the rest replied their chickens are both pets and livestock.

Growing the Flock
To gain knowledge about how often our subscribers would be in need of products intended for chicks, we asked how often they add chicks to their flocks. The majority (41%) raise chicks annually. Other responses were “more than once a year” (16%), “approximately every two years” (19%), and “approximately every 3 years or less frequently” (19%).

Vendors often ask us to consider adding products for roosters, like no-crow collars, or products to protect their hens from aggressive roosters. We asked if our subscribers typically include a rooster in their flock, and more than half do not (53%). The rest of respondents (47%) keep one or more rooster.

Other Animals
Most of our subscribers (85%) care for more than just chickens. The other animals our subscribers are buying for include:

Other* 28%
Other birds (geese, pheasants, guineas, etc.)14%
*Other pets indicated by our subscribers included reptiles, guinea pigs, fish, and donkeys.

Where We Shop
While Henny & Roo subscribers are very loyal, they also obtain their chicken keeping supplies from multiple other sources. 77% reported shopping at large chain retailers (Tractor Supply, Farm & Fleet, etc.), 61% use small local retailer, and 38% purchase chicken keeping supplies online.

Why Henny & Roo?
Here are the top reasons why our subscribers start and continue their monthly deliveries of chicken keeping supplies with Henny & Roo:

  1. “To try poultry products that I cant find in my local feed store” (72%)
  2. “To receive surprise gifts for myself” (70%)
  3. Other: “Because it’s fun!” (54%)
  4. “For the convenience of having supplies on hand without having to shop” (28%)
  5. “Because I receive the items at a lower cost than purchasing them individually (13%)

To all of you who replied to this survey, we thank you for helping us get to know you better! Your replies will help us to select products that fit your chicken keeping lifestyle. We thank you for your subscription and look forward to providing you with hard-to-find goodies for you and your flock!

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Inside your February 2018 box

Each month, we put together a box of chicken goodies we think you’ll love, full of treats, coop maintenance products, and items for your first aid kit. Then we throw in a couple of fun gifts for you! Our February box included:

💕Our new “Laid with Love” Egg Stamp and nontoxic stamp pad

💕Rosemary-mint handmade soap from Crazy Chicken Lady of NH Natural Soap

💕Organic Barley Sprouting Seeds from Scratch and Peck Feeds

💕February/March issue of Backyard Poultry Magazine

💕A silicone cleaner for the coop waterer

💕Four treat sampler from Exotic Nutrition Pet Supply Company

💕Nesting box pad

We hope you love it! We’ve got just a couple left for non-subscription purchase in our Shop. Big thanks to the awesome February box vendors!

First Saturday Lime

Lime can be used in the chicken coop to reduce moisture, repel pests and protect against mites and lice, and First Saturday Lime’s formula is safe and won’t burn your flock’s feet.

We’ve been using First Saturday Lime in our coop and run, and when the weather warms and pests become a problem, we’ll sprinkle it around the the base of the house to keep them out. Get 20% off plus free shipping with code HENNYANDROO when you order direct at:

March Box Sneak Peek

We’ve been caring for our flock for almost four years, and we are so excited to include in our March Henny & Roo box one of the items that has been so valuable to us as newbie and more experienced chicken keepers.

Fresh Eggs Daily (St. Lynn’s Press, hardcover, $18.95) by Lisa Steele of the Fresh Eggs Daily blog is a chicken reference that we keep at our fingertips. We’ve used Lisa’s recommendations since day 1 with our flock with excellent results, and it’s our go-to when we need advice about our coops, nesting boxes, runs, breeding, feed, and natural health care. We think you’ll enjoy the lovely photos of Lisa’s flock and her DIY projects and recipes that help keep your chickens healthy and happy. All subscribers to the regular Henny & Roo monthly box will receive a copy.

Not a subscriber? We expect the March box to sell out, so subscribe today. Sorry, this box is not available without a subscription.

February box is SOLD OUT!

We are so excited to welcome all of our new Henny & Roo subscribers! And there were a ton of you this month! So many that our February box subscriptions sold out. We thank you, and hope you love your boxes, featuring our “Laid with Love” egg stamp. If you didn’t get a box in time, you can order the egg stamp now from our Shop. It won’t likely ship until mid-February, but you can reserve yours now.

Our March box has a limited number of spots available, and if you subscribe today, your subscription will start with the March box. We are excited to share Lisa Steele’s book, Fresh Eggs Daily, with all of our March subscribers.

Thanks again for joining the Henny & Roo flock!