Special Offers

Our job at Henny+Roo is to connect chicken keepers with the companies who care about the health and wellbeing of your flock. Here are some special offers especially for our subscribers and blog readers. Get more offers and discuss all things poultry in our facebook group: Chicken Coop Connect

There are many types of lime. First Saturday Lime is safer than calcium hydroxide, stronger than dolomitic ground quarry lime. This is nature’s mineral – an east solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens and our earth. First Saturday Lime offers 20% off and free shipping with code HENNYANDROO at: firstsaturdaylime.com

Featured in the February, 2019 Henny+Roo box, ClotIt is a non-staining, blood clotting powder made up of all-natural minerals designed to rapidly stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. Save 10% with code HENROO19 at: clotit.com