The Chicken Keeper’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We can’t think of a better way to show the chicken keeper in your life that you care than by gifting their chickens too! While what they may really want is more chickens, live animals aren’t the most practical present to place under the tree. Here are 20 gift ideas for chicken lovers that will be sure to get you lots of smiles on the big day!

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All-Natural Poultry Care

Help stock their poultry first aid kit with these essentials from Green Goo. Poultry First Aid, Poultry Respiratory Care, Poultry Castile Wash, and Bugs Be Gone.

Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy Block Sign

Cute farmhouse decor piece from Primitives by Kathy that can be found in the December Henny+Roo box for chicken keepers. Henny+Roo is the first and foremost subscription service for backyard chicken keepers, started in 2016. Learn about our monthly plans here.

Happy Nest for healthy nesting boxes

The fine dust in Happy Nest will keep your hen’s feathers fluffed and help keep them in pristine condition. But Happy Nest isn’t just dust…. it combines the potency of lemon grass, clove and pine essential oils to act as a repellent against external parasites. Used daily, Happy Nest will help discourage flies, red mites, lice and external parasites.

A classic, and a new cookbook by Lisa Steele

Fresh Eggs Daily is a much-used reference around our homestead, and we just can’t wait to get our hands on Steele’s new book, The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook: Over 100 Fabulous Recipes to Use Eggs in Unexpected Ways, now available for preorder.

Bugs, an undeniable flock favorite

Chicken keepers love to see their birds come running for treats! Exotic Nutrition’s Chicken Ecstasy is packed with high-quality mealworms, grains and natural extracts.

Mommy or Daddy and Me Egg Collecting Aprons

The Bantam Light Denim Apron from Rox brings the fashion to the farm. This apron is sure to become your new favorite jeans. Available in sizes that fit the whole family!

Make gifting eggs more special

Everyone loves receiving your fresh eggs as gifts, and these festive, holiday-themed labels from The Egg Carton Store add the finishing touch.

Healthy Hemp for the Coop

Its clean and pure, absorbent and hypoallergenic, soft and cozy, and biodegradable and compostable. Make their coop chores easier with Eaton Pet and Pasture Hemp Bedding – made in the USA and farmer owned.

Farmhouse style for every home

The Henny+Roo Farmhome Holiday Box is complete with 6 specially selected delightful home decor items sure to get them in the holiday spirit.

Reward the flock for all those eggs

They worked hard this year and deserve a chicken’s favorite treat. Chubby Mealworms are grown in the USA and offer high-quality protein often needed in the cooler months.

An elegant gift for a chicken lady

The Henny+Roo Watercolor Hens Scarf/Shawl is sheer, lightweight, and beautiful in a grey and white print with red accents. Subtly and stylishly shows off her love for chickens!

Chicken Flock Protection

Protection from hawk attacks is important when the flock is outside of the coop. The Hawk Stopper is a lightweight mesh netting used to repel hawks and keep the flock safe.

A boredom buster for the coop

The Texas Haynet Chicken Feeder Busy Bag will give the flock a healthy activity when they’re all cooped up this winter.

Make it custom

It can often be difficult and expensive to get custom egg carton labels in small quantities, but not at Chicks & Charmers! Check out their cute holiday-themed labels.

Say it loud and proud

The “I Raise Tiny Dinosaurs” hoodie was a top seller for Urban Farm Style in 2021. Check out all of their fun hoodies and other clothing and gifts featuring all the farm animals, and gardening/nature gifts too!

A healthy chicken is a happy chicken

The First Aid Kit for Poultry from My Pet Chicken has the essentials to keep you prepared in the case of a chicken injury.

Fresh scents for chicken keepers

After a long day of chicken chores, these delicious and handmade Chicken Lady Soaps from 5R Farms is all they need to relax and get clean.

Help them keep the coop fresh and dry

Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher has been a favorite around the Henny+Roo coop for years. Perfect for those who use the deep litter method.

Give the ladies what they want. Bugs.

Manna Pro Bug Buffet has two flock favorite insects, Black Soldier Fly Larvae & Mealworms, which gives you a natural way to reward your flock!

Comfort and space for all their essentials

We can’t get enough of the Henny+Roo Bonnie Bag, especially this one in Yolk Yellow. Made of soft cordoroy and fully lined, it’s comfortable and roomy and just perfect for travel or everyday.

We hope you loved these gift ideas for chicken keepers, sure to make their holiday even more special. If you want to keep the gifts coming each month, consider the Henny+Roo monthly subscription box where we’ll send them high-quality chicken keeping supplies and gifts. When their box arrives each month, they’ll be reminded how much you care about them and their favorite hobby!

Happy holidays to all chicken enthusiasts and the people who love them!