The December Henny+Roo Box – Perfect for Gifting!


We’re so pleased to release the contents of the Henny+Roo December Box, which hit the stoops of our subscribers this week! The December box is all about the holidays, and features 10 items:

Hen Healer Multi-Purpose Ointment: Temporarily protects and helps support healing of minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes and sores. Keeps affected areas soft and creates a barrier to insects and dirt.

Horizontal Poultry Nipple Waterer: Drip free, leak free design keeps water clean and healthy. Won’t freeze in winter!

Cluckin’ Good Organic Cracked Corn: An excellent source of carbohydrates for energy to help fend off cold weather. Certified organic and GMO-free.

Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher: People, flock, and earth friendly – 100% organic materials used, no other additives.

Travel Tumbler: Keeps hot drinks hot, because, baby, it’s cold outside! Hand wash only.

Deviled Egg Mix: Share your eggs with friends and family, fancy-style.

Hen Greeting Card: Reach out to a friend with an exclusive design from chicken owner and artist Sarah Rosedahl.

Chicken Breed Guide: The editors of Backyard Poultry magazine help you identify which chicken breed is right for your flock. Do you need a breed that is heat-resistant? What size bird do you want to raise? How many eggs can you expect? Your questions, answered.

Chicken Wire Ornament: A subtle take a chicken-themed holiday.

Nesting Box Liner: In every box!


We’ve got extra December boxes available for non-subscription purchases here. The December ships USPS 2-4 day priority mail within 2 business days of order. Buy before December 15 for guaranteed Christmas delivery. What a great way to make her season bright! Happy holidays!

Chicken Keeping Journals and Why You Need One

We’re happy to announce that the January 2019 Henny+Roo Copy of Audios will feature a blank journal where you can record your chicken keeping adventures. If keeping notes about your flock isn’t something you’ve done before, here are a few reasons you may want to start in 2019.

  1. Now you have a cute journal! It’s covered in high-quality linen and imprinted with an adorable chickens in the garden image. That’s reason enough, right?
  2. Because you always forget the breed of that one chicken. Is Edith a Black Austrolorp or a Black Copper Maran? If you had only recorded all of the breeds of the chicks you bought last year…
  3. Because you want to know if this hobby is paying off. Keep track of monthly expenses and egg production to figure out your cost per dozen. Of course, we all know there are many non-quantifiable benefits to chicken keeping (and you can record those too)!
  4. Because you want all of your notes in once place. That poultry first aid kit list you saw online, the name of that one breed that you want to add to your flock next year, the tip for bumblefoot that you know you’ll forget if you don’t write it down…keeping these notes in a journal ensures you can quickly locate the information you’ve been holding onto.

Items you may wish to record:

  • Names
  • Breeds
  • Ages
  • Egg production tracking
  • Incubation info
  • Hatch dates
  • Illnesses
  • Treatments and medication
  • Deaths/culls
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • 4H and show information
  • Projects/repairs
  • To-do lists
  • To-buy lists
  • Seasonal reminders
  • Sketches
  • Wish lists
  • Goal tracking

Audios Co.Active subscribers – you’ll get the 2019 Chicken Keeping Journal in your January boxes.

Not a subscriber? Learn more about our subscription options (no risk/cancel at any time). You’ll also receive our hen-print scarf and 6 items for your flock. Order today!


Providing forage when forage is scarce

Chickens are natural foragers. They love to peck around for tasty greens, and their eggs are higher in nutrients when they do. But what can you do for your flock when access to forage is limited, like when they’re cooped up, or in winter? You can grow foraging greens yourself, easily!

Sprouted seeds provide easy-to-digest energy, allow your flock access to fresh greens year ’round, and provide essential minerals, vitamins, and increased protein. All Henny+Roo subscribers received our new Omega-3 Poultry Forage Seeds in their October boxes, along with a screened lid that can be used with any standard mason jar (we’ll get to why those are handy in a minute). The seeds are certified organic, GMO-free, and selected for their high Omega-3 content.

Forage Seeds
Henny+Roo subscribers received our new Omega-3 Poultry Forage Seeds in their October box. Learn more about our subscriptions for monthly deliveries of chicken keeping supplies and gifts.

The Henny+Roo flock enjoys sprouted seeds when the weather in the Chicago area gets cold and bugs and fresh greens are in short supply. While eating the seeds straight out of the bag is a nutritious and tasty treat, sprouting the seeds allows for easier digestion and absorption of nutrients – about 5-6 times the nutrients they’d receive if eating the whole seed.

We selected plants with a high Omega-3 content (rye seeds, flax seeds, red clover seeds, and alfalfa seeds) certified organic by Oregon Tilth. When your flock eats high Omega-3 plants, this essential nutrient is deposited into the yolks of their eggs. A diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids helps your health by lowering triglycerides, lessening stiffness and joint pain, and lowering depression and inflammation (Reference).

How to sprout forage seeds indoors or out
Henny+Roo Poultry Forage Seeds can be used to grow nutrient rich plants in your yard, or sprouted indoors for a healthy treat.

IMG_4471If growing outdoors, plant after danger of frost by sprinkling seeds over soil and raking in. Keep the area moist until germination (5-10 days), then water regularly. Keep your chickens away from the newly seeded area until the plants are 2-5″ tall, because they will devour them! Allow chickens to eat the plants about halfway down. If you have horses, keep them away from this area, because flax can form prussic acid when exposed to frost, and horses shouldn’t graze on it.

Indoors, in a jar
The first step, when sprouting seeds indoors, is to make sure your hands, the jar and screed lid you’ll use, and seeds are as clean as possible. Sanitizing the jar and screen lid will help prevent mold and fungus issues.

Rinse the seeds and place a few tablespoons of seeds in the jar (make sure they don’t take up more than a quarter of the jar; they will expand a great deal) and cover with a few inches of water, Screw the mesh lid onto the jar and soak for 8 to 12 hours at room temperature.sprouts-jar.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

Drain the seeds and rinse them, then drain again. Find an area out of direct sunlight and place the jars upside-down, but at an angle to allow drainage and air-circulation through the mesh. You can use a dish rack or just a bowl to keep the jar inverted.

Rinse and drain the seeds between two and four times a day, making sure that they never dry out completely.

After about 5 to 10 days the sprouts can be harvested and served to your flock. You can also grow a larger quantity at once by using a flat tray or dish and more seeds. The seeds should not take up more than 1/4 of whatever container you choose.

Untitled design (18) - EditedThe Henny+Roo October Box
Henny+Roo subscribers – we hope you’re enjoying your October box! If you’re not a subscriber, you can order an October box without a subscription from our Shop while supplies last.

Happy sprouting! 🌱

Big News Announced on Podcast

Chicken-y Goodies for SaleHey, Henny+Roo fans, if you missed our big announcement on the Drink + Farm podcast, you can listen here (scroll down to Minisode #3). And if you’d like some company while taking care of your chicken keeping chores, subscribe to We Drink and We Farm Things on iTunes. You’ll love hearing about Sam and Bev’s adventures with chickens, goats, and more!


July box shipped! Here’s what’s inside:

Henny + Roo July boxSubscribers, we hope you are enjoying your July box! We were blown away by this month’s partners, who were so great to work with. The July box featured the all-natural Poultry First Aid Kit from Green Goo, a cute chicken Popsocket from The Teal Chicken, LLC, Sami-Care bedding sample from Espoma Naturals, Organic 3-Grain Scratch from Scratch and Peck Feeds, Henny+Roo Bird Scare Tape, a drink koozie promoting our partnership with We Drink and We Farm Things, and a blingy chicken leg band from Chicken Scratch Poultry.
Please, friends, visit all of these companies and follow their pages – they’ve got some great content in addition to awesome poultry products.
And thank you to @ellieandherchickens, who will get her August box for free in appreciation of her posting a photo on Instagram. 💜

Get 10% off First Saturday Lime

Our friends at First Saturday Lime have a special offer for you! Order now and use code HENNYANDROO at checkout, and you’ll save 10%. Spend more than $25, and you’ll also get free shipping!

Here at the Henny+Roo coop, we sprinkle First Saturday Lime into the bedding, and it helps dry things out and repel insects. We love it because it’s strong enough to keep critters away, but gentle enough that it won’t burn your flock’s feet. It’s crushed limestone, so if they eat it, it won’t harm them, and will even strengthen egg shells.

Every first Saturday of the month, we sprinkle it around the perimeter of the house and haven’t had any issues with ants this year.

We love First Saturday Lime, and think you will too. Give it a try and don’t forget to use code HENNYANDROO when you order at

Your June Henny+Roo Box

Hey subscribers! We LOVED putting the June box together for you, and the vendors for this box were awesome.

The June boxes featured Farmers’ Helper Golden Egg Nugget Treats, our Henny+Roo Exclusive “Love me, Love my chickens” unbreakable enamel camp cup, Sani-Care Odor Control for the coop from Espoma Naturals, a packet of dry cider vinegar from Best Veterinary Solutions, our exclusive solid perfume fragrance from Orglamic Cosmetics, the latest issue of Backyard Poultry Magazine and for your first aid kit: a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a set of tweezers with magnifier to clean out debris.

We pack all of our boxes with a nesting pad for reusing in the coop.

We truly hope you loved this month’s box, and we look forward to bringing you more good things for you and your flock in July! Need more of anything in the June box? Visit our Shop or click on any of the partner links above to order.

Inside the May 2018 Box

Subscribers, what did you think of your May box? We LOVED working with our product partners on this one, and sharing each item with you. Your May box has a retail price of $55 and features 8 items including:

– Sunflower Delight treats from Chick-O-Rama

– Encore Poultry Grit Plus by FM Brown’s Premium Food for Birds & Small Animals

– Ropadiar Liquid Oregano Supplement from Ropapharm

– Handmade Chicken Decoration from The Teal Chicken, LLC

– SummerHawk Ranch Egg Wipes

– Peace, Love, Chicken bracelet, a Henny+Roo exclusive

– Durvet, Inc. Vitamin Supplement packet

– 10mL syringe to measure Ropadiar and for general first aid use.

Did you miss out on our May box? We’ve got a few left in our Shop at: